Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Three important things to keep in your GYM bag

A gym can provide you with all the equipment that you need in your muscle building programmer but there are a few things that you get to carry yourself. They are not expensive or highly celebrated objects, but forgetting to keep those accessories won’t be recommended. Always remember that sometime little things can be the most effective, and in case of a training session, those things are indispensable.

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1    Stopwatch

This little thing actually plays a pivotal role in each of your training sessions! If you are really serious about your body building programme and keen on following the detailed instructions made by your body building coach then you must obey the ticking of a stopwatch. The in-between resting time for two exercises must not exceed 2 minutes and in order to obtain the finest results, you have to keep an eye on the stopwatch while working out. Do not forget your stopwatch.

Lifting straps

Some people have a conception that using a lifting trap would give them unjustified benefits which ought to be avoided in order to be more dedicated and faithful to a body building training. With due regards to that idea, it can be said that with a proper usage of lifting straps you can only maximize your ability of loading! With a good quality of strap you can have a good comfort and support.

Resistance bands

These simple accessories can really be very helpful but not too many gym trainers insist in the simple things. Definitely it won’t be useful as long you’re dead-lifting or doing bench but a resistance band has multiple ways of using when you’re warming up! Even in between the gap of two exercises, you can use them to stay loose and it helps to grow the new muscles.

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