Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Muscle building program: Can’t be more amazing

In a body building programme, you break the ice and that’s just the beginning. The real struggle is involved in the next process, but under a pragmatic guidance of a fitness coach and in a right environment it will not seem heavy on you. Rather you will make it as one of your regular joy-rides that you hardly want to miss out!

couples fitness training


Keep it going 

Once you set yourself in motion, you will learn how to handle the hindrances. You need to set little goals and only after achieving those you can move on to a bigger set of goals. Whenever you need an assistance, we will be happily there to serve you .Be it technical difficulties, or psychological hiccup, everything will be taken care of with the years-long experience and expertise. There may come some really low points, where you almost make up your mind to quit and if you pull yourself together and cease to do it luckily, who knows if the magic would be waiting for you on the very next day! As you have to go through a lot of physical stress and maintain a nutrition chart which in beginning might get on your nerve abruptly, you may freak out. But your trainers are there to make you understand that this is indeed a natural process, once you get the hang of it , you will grow an addiction in muscle-mania and fitness for the rest of your life.

·         Try Couples’ workout: a fitness hangout!

    Schembri Pt, Luke and Marika take care of all the training programmes. There are a few circumstances where a woman can be the best person to take care of another woman, here Marika does it all. Even being a mother to a little kid , she takes to the fitness trainer profession to deal against all odds and to inspire people who think being fit is a myth after post-maternity.  Keeping in mind the busy routine of  today’s life ,we also prepared a special couples fitness training programme, where you can check in with your special one and workout together, it will be beneficial for you both in terms of time management,  and having fun. If you are often accused of not giving quality time to your partner, you have a choice to make romance while keeping fit! 

     So there is nothing to wait for. It’s your time, if you live near Sydney, knock our door .If you live  in somewhere far, we always have our online exercise

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